Oncyber, a web3 metaverse platform, has introduced an AI-based tool called Magic Composer that enables users to personalise their virtual environments via text prompts. The tool, which is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model, allows real-time changes to Oncyber’s metaverse platforms, which are often used by artists to showcase their digital assets and NFTs. Oncyber’s multiverse for creators provides a fully immersive 3D experience for displaying NFTs from various wallets and chains, including Ethereum, Solana and Polygon. In addition to enabling users to modify the colour of the sky, picture frames and NFT works from their connected crypto wallet, Oncyber’s AI functionality will soon offer more complex generative capabilities. Founder and CEO Rayan Boutaleb said he aims for users to have “less and less boundaries/limits”. Meanwhile, other crypto and web3 projects are incorporating AI technologies to enhance the user experience.