This is our weekly roundup of digital asset listings, delistings, and trading pair-related announcements made by various crypto exchanges last week and today. If you have information on any new listings or delistings that are not mentioned here, please let us know.

AscendEX added Hooked Protocol (HOOK), SafePal (SFP), Dego Finance (DEGO), Mask Network (MASK), Dusk Network (DUSK), The Sandbox (SAND), and AurusX (AX) to its platform. They also delisted iTrust Governance (ITG).

Binance added the following trading pairs: CFX/TRY, KEY/USDT, STX/TRY, USTC/USDT, BNB/USDC, BTC/USDC, and ETH/USDC.

Bitfinex added CryptoGPT (GPT) and Onomy Protocol (NOM) to its platform. They removed Alliance Block’s legacy token (ALBT), Anchor Protocol (ANC), Everipedia (IQ), KardiaChain (KAI), Mirror Protocol (MIR), Oxygen (OXY), Oasis Network (ROSE), BLOCKv (VEE), Xriba (XRA), and Zus (ZCN) from trading.


BitMart listed XPLA (XPLA), Eneftor (EFTR), GemHUB (GHUB), Hello Pets (PET), MDTx (MDTX), PAWSWAP (PAW), Future-AI (FUTURE-AI), CEEK Smart VR (CEEK), Bnb Tiger Inu (BNBTIGER(1M)), Burn (BURN), Carrieverse (CVTX), Games For A Living (GFAL), Optimus (OPTIMUS), and World Of Legends (WOL).

Bitrue added DogPad Finance (DOGPAD) and Push Protocol (PUSH) to its trading platform.

BKEX added McPepe’s (PEPE) and CryptoGPT (GPT) to its exchange.

catEx included Cosanta (COSA) to its listing.

Changelly added Rentberry (BERRY) and Edgecoin Bank (EDGT) to its exchange.

ChangeNOW introduced Trader Joe (JOE) to its exchange.

CoinEx listed Vela Exchange (VELA), Pheonix (PHB), Gifto (GFT), and (WOOF). They removed CyberMiles (CMT), Emercoin (EMC), Pigeoncoin (PGN), Saber (SBR), Solice (SLC), and TurtleCoin (TRTL) from trading. added Liquity (LQTY) to its trading platform.

DigiFinex added Perion (PERC) to their exchange.

FINEXBOX listed Clear Chain Life Coin (CCLC) and Wednesday Inu (WEDNESDAY). included Velodrome (VELODROME) and CryptoGPT (GPT) to its platform.

Hotbit listed Lively (LVYT), Pip (PIP), Solidly (SOLIDLY), fanC (FANC), Optimus AI (OPTIMUS), WATERST (WATERST), BRB Cash (BRBC), De Front Pay (DFRP), CryptoGPT (GPT), 0xAcid (ACID), and VisionGame (VISION) to its platform.

Huobi added TrueFi (TRU) and Volt Inu (VOLT) to its trading platform. They also added trading pairs: BTC/TUSD, ETH/TUSD, and TRX/TUSD.

KuCoin listed Mina Protocol (MINA) and Onomy Protocol (NOM).

LBank introduced DEATHWOLF (DTH), Technology Membership Coin (TMC), Optimus AI (OPTIMUS), Forower (FRWR), Ensign Token (EST), Chica (CHICA), MongolNFT Coin (MNFT), CryptoGPT (GPT), Thxcoin (THX), Metaworld (MWCC), and SYLMYDID (SYL) to its platform. They removed TrueUSD (TUSD) from trading.

MEXC Global listed Brave Power Crystal (BPC), Sonne Finance (SONNE), DigitalBits (XDB), Reserve Block (RBX), Equilibrium (EQ), Megaton Finance (MEGA), CryptoGPT (GPT), Optimus AI (OPTIMUS), XREATORS (XREATORS), CarrieVerse (CVTX), Pendulum (PENDULUM), PandAI (PANDAI), AllianceBlock Nexera Token (NXRA), VisionGame (VISION), and YOM (YOM) to their exchange.

Poloniex added Shikoku (SHIK), Bone ShibaSwap (BONE), Ordinal Doge (oDOGE), BITE Official (BITE), and CryptoGPT (GPT) to its platform.

ProBit included CyberTron Chain (CTCTM) to its listing.

P2B Crypto Exchange added MDCx (MDCX), Fan2Go (FNTG), Virtual Finance (VIFI), SHIB CEO (SHIBCEO), Global Gold Token (G2TOKEN), SHIBONE INU (SHIBONE), Froggies Token (FRGST), Bear Inu (BEAR), Dynex coin (DNX), Floki CEO (FLOKI), DOGELANA (DGLN), Dogens (DOGENS), and Dejitaru Shirudo (SHIELD) to its platform.

VinDax listed Ricaverse (RVC) and 7MOON (7MOON).

XT included OHMI (OHMI), SpacePi (SPACEPI), and Acria.AI (ACRIA) to its exchange.