The implementation of Ordinal Theory has given rise to a new breed of NFT that is directly embedded in the Bitcoin blockchain, ushering in an era of on-chain Bitcoin NFTs. This article delves into the concept behind Ordinals, which are number codes assigned to every Satoshi in the Bitcoin network, enabling tracking and transfer. The inscribing of digital assets, such as security tokens, stablecoins, or NFTs, onto an Ordinal is made possible by the Ordinal Theory. This leads to the creation of on-chain crypto collectibles, termed Bitcoin NFTs, which are stored eternally on the Bitcoin blockchain as digital artifacts. This differs from traditional NFTs, which are kept in a third-party database that owners can only access through a corresponding link in their crypto wallet. In addition, this article lists five popular Bitcoin Ordinals NFT collections, including Bitcoin Shrooms, Ordinal Punks, Taproot Wizards Ordinals, Ordinals Loops, and Bitcoin Rocks Ordinals, and highlights their features and popularity. Several Bitcoin wallets that presently support Ordinal storage are mentioned, including Xverse, Hiro Wallet, Sparrow Wallet, and Ordinals Wallet, while NFT marketplaces are also working on supporting these new types of NFTs. The prospect of Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs shaping the future of the Bitcoin network and the wider NFT collector community is discussed, along with the possibility of these NFTs leading to greater adoption of Bitcoin.