In an interview with, Phi Labs CEO and Archway core contributor Griffin Anderson discussed the Cosmos Ecosystem, the Archway protocol, and the importance of fostering an engaged developer community. Anderson has extensive experience in consensus and Layer-1 mechanics, having previously held senior product management roles at Ignite and ConsenSys. He was also a founder of blockchain-powered accounting tools project Balanc3 and the Accounting Blockchain Coalition.

The Archway protocol offers a novel, developer-centric approach to creating and sharing value across blockchain ecosystems. Unlike other Layer-1 blockchains, Archway rewards developers programmatically based on their contributions to the network. These rewards can be used by dapps to provide discounts, subsidize gas fees, incentivize voting, and more.

Anderson believes that L1s should focus more on incentivizing developers than on scaling and building faster networks. He sees effective developer incentivization as the key driver of mass Web3 adoption on a macro level. According to Anderson, an active and engaged developer community is the most critical factor in the long-term success of any smart contract platform.