In an exclusive interview with, Scott Shapiro, Senior Director of Product Management at Coinbase, discusses current industry trends in advanced crypto trading, options trading in crypto, and shares his experiences working at Facebook and Google. Shapiro leads a team at Coinbase that develops trading products for consumers and has been passionate about cryptocurrency since he first discovered bitcoin in 2013. He left his previous role building advertising products for Facebook and Google in 2019 to join Coinbase.

During the interview, Shapiro delves into how Advanced Trade on Coinbase differs from other advanced trading platforms and the current trends in advanced crypto trading. He also discusses options trading in crypto, advanced features of Coinbase’s trading products, and shares anecdotes from his time at Facebook and Google.

Shapiro currently resides in Utah and shares his love for the state’s natural beauty and adventure opportunities. He also compares the tech and start-up culture in cities like San Francisco to Utah and the different identities and priorities of the two communities.

The interview with Shapiro is available in full on the podcast.