A war for dominance between different NFT marketplaces has caused royalties paid to creators to disappear. As a result, NFT creators have turned to platforms that continue to enforce the payment of royalties, with Coinbase NFT being one of them. The battle between NFT marketplaces has also been fueled by the new marketplace Blur, which made its entry as the largest marketplace by trading volume in a space that used to be dominated by OpenSea.

American singer and creator of the Deathbats NFT collection, Matthew Sanders aka. M. Shadows, wrote on Twitter that until the practice changes, certain “fail safes” that blocks these platforms will be coded into his NFTs. He also said that Coinbase NFT is now his “preferred marketplace to buy and sell Deathbats Club.” M. Shadows added that his team is “willing to play ball” with OpenSea if they accommodate creators, but made it clear that any solution without creator royalties is unacceptable.

So far, OpenSea has not changed its stance on the creator royalty issue, and the war for NFT creators and traders will in all likelihood continue, with newer platforms like Blur or Coinbase NFT possibly taking the top spots.